The Story Behind when Dave Hanson met Paloma Faith


Hey Folks,

The Facebook memories app is great! Today I was reminded of an event that occurred in 2012.

I was on tour in the USA with the Dunwells and we were performing at a radio conference in Boulder Colorado. These conferences are a big deal for emerging artists, as they gather the radio programmers from stations across America together in one place.

Some of the other artists appearing at this particular event were Rebecca Ferguson (from X Factor), Fun, and a lovely lady named Paloma Faith.

At the after-show party plenty of champagne was consumed and things got a bit rowdy. The previous evening I’d cut my foot open (running down an escalator without shoes on – long story ;-), so I was wearing Jesus sandals to get air to my injured foot.

Paloma questioned why I was wearing sandals – and when I explained about my injury, she promptly stamped on said foot. Why she felt it necessary to inflict pain on me I do not know, but I fell to the ground in agony.

At this point Paloma took it upon herself to jump on my back, wrestle me to the ground and ride me like a Rodeo horse!

They say that every picture tells a story – and now you know the story behind this one.


PS As you can see, I have a knack of getting myself into trouble – and I took inspiration from my travels across America when writing my new album! If you are interested in hearing “Almost Horizontal” then CLICK HERE.